Autographed 1865 Cabinet photo by Brady of Fitz John Porter former
commander of the V Corps till cashiered after the 2nd Battle of Bull Run when
accused of disobedience of orders by John Pope.  These are transitional
cabinet cards from the normal cdv moving to the larger sized  mounts with war
date photos.  Brady printed a lot of these but did not include his imprints.
Autographed Cabinet Card of Richard N Batchelder, Chief Quartermaster for
the Army of the Potomac under Meade.  Colonel and Brevet Brigadier General
he was responsible for keeping the army supplied during the War.  Rare
Autographed Cabinet Card face dated June 1865 of Orlando M Poe.  Served
in West Virginia with McClellan and came East to help in the defenses of
Washington, named Colonel 2nd Michigan Vols which he commanded on the
Penninsula, in Brigade command 2nd Bull Run through Fredericksburg,  
Failure to achieve a Brigadiership in 1862 reverted him to Capt USA and
Engineer for the XXIII Corps where he setup the defenses of Knoxville Tn.
which culminated in Longstreets defeat by Burnside in 1863.  Sherman
appointed him his Chief Engineer for his Armies where Sherman considered
him" Indespensible".  Promoted to BBG in 1865 he went on to an excellent
career under Sherman in the Post War Army.  Rare view.
Cabinet Card of BBG Cyrus Comstock.  "Cyrus Ballou Comstock (February 3,
1831 – May 29, 1910) was a career officer in the Regular Army of the United
States. After graduating from the United States Military Academy at West Point
in 1855, Comstock served with the Army Corps of Engineers. At the beginning
of the American Civil War, he assisted with the fortification of Washington, D.
C. In 1862, he was transferred to the field, eventually becoming chief engineer
of the Army of the Potomac. In 1863 during the Siege of Vicksburg, he served
as the chief engineer of the Army of the Tennessee.  The most significant
phase of Comstock's career began in November 1864 when he was appointed
to the staff of Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, becoming Grant's senior aide-de-
camp. In 1865, Comstock was appointed the senior engineer in the assault on
Fort Fisher, North Carolina, and the assault on Mobile, Alabama, both of which
were successful. By the end of the war, Comstock had earned the awards of
the honorary grades of brevet major general in the Volunteer Army and brevet
brigadier general in the Regular Army.  After the close of the war, Comstock
served on the military commission for the trial of the conspirators in the
assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. He was dismissed from the
commission for his criticism of the proceedings.[3] Later Comstock continued
with the Army Corps of Engineers, took part in several engineering projects,
and served on the Mississippi River Commission, of which he was president."  
Rare subject on Grant's Staff.
Autographed Cabinet Card of former congressman, Union General and Vice
Presidential Candidate John "Black Jack" Logan of Illinois.  Signed on the
front.  Photographer imprint of Bogardus NY.
Scarce autographed Cabinet Card as Major General.  Pach Bros, commanded
the Union Army at Franklin and participated in Nashville.  Head of the army
later in life.  Schofield barracks in Hawaii named after him.  Rare in signed
Autographed Cabinet Card of Union General John Pope.  Commanded at
Island No. 10 and 2nd Bull Run where Lee clobbered him.  Also did well
against the Indians out West in Minnesota after being posted there.  No
photographer imprint.  Rare.