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CDV of Sgt William Bradley of the 6th Connecticut Vols.  Served in both the 3rd
and 6th Ct Vols until he died of Wounds received at Bermuda Hundred on
4/21/64 as a Lt.
Rare view of Union Spy Pauline Cushman taken in Cincinnati Oh.
Scarce CDV of Colonel Haldimand Putnam of the 7th New Hampshire Vols killed
in the assault on Fort Wagner made famous by the Charge of the 54th Mass
Vols.  BM Fredericks.
CDV of Lt Colonel William Oliver Stevens of the 72nd NYVI Excelsior Brigade
Killed during the battle of Chancellorsville.  By Brady.
CDV of Surgeon Alexander Ewing with a backmark of Giers Nashville.  Ewing
served with the 13th Michigan Infantry from 12/61-1/65.  A hard fighting Western
Unit in the Army of the Cumberland.  Ewing was taken prisoner at the battle of
Chickamauga while tending his men when the Union Army fell back to
Chattanooga.  Signed on front.  
CDV of Colonel Nicholas L Anderson, brother of General Robert Anderson,
served with the 6th Ohio Vols rising from Lt, to Colonel and BBG.  WIA twice
during the Civil War.  Saw service in West Virginia and the Western Theatres.
Allan bm.
CDV of Colonel George Duncan Wells of the 34th Mass Vols Killed during the
battle of Cedar Creek Va on 10/13/64. Springfield Ma bm.
Triple armed Union Cavalryman shown with Sword, holstered pistol and carrying
what looks like a Spencer Carbine on a sling.  Tinted blue paints from this tough
looking character.   From the estate of Civil War photographer CG Giers of
Nashville, though this does no have his imprint on the photo.  Ultra hard to find
with carbines.
Fantastic view of three Union Amputees showing their missing limbs.  
Unfortunately no id's but in period ink on the verso " Three Hero's of the Great
Struggle for Civil & ____ Country"  Middle soldier still wearing his uniform while
the other two are mostly in civilian garb. Rarely seen important image of the
casualties of War.
CDV of "the old man of the Mountatin sitting on Lookout Mtn.  A local Unionist
who went to fight Bragg's army during the Battles of Chattanooga and Lookout
Mtn.  Akin to John Burns of Gettysburg who went to fight as an old man also.  
Period ink inscription on the verso "The old man of the mountain Mr Foster of
Lookout Mtn who celebrates the 4th of July in the presence of Bragg's army".  
Lookout Gallery backmark.  Rare.  
CDV of Colonel and later Brevet Brigadier General Edgar M Gregory of the 91st
Pennsylvania Vols of the V Corps.  Wounded in the leg at Chancellorsville, he
commanded the regiment through most of the War.  Backmark by Cremer of
Philadelphia.  Great view with sword and hat with 91 in horn.  
Wonderful view of Colonel Jacob Parker Gould of Mass.  Served in the 13th Mass
and was Colonel of the 59th Mass till mortally wounded at the battle of
Petersburg where he lost a leg that led to his death.  This regiment lost all of its
senior officers in heavy action at Petersburg from 7/15-30 including the horrific
fight in the Crater.  Gould was wounded while commanding a Brigade.  Backmark
by Wyman Boston.
Fascinating CDV of Lt William S Worth 8th US Infantry Regulars posed while "on
Leave" in his own words!. Shown standing on a chair.  Signed in ink on verso as
ADC where he served in the VI Corps or AOP Staff.  Very charismatic pose which
is rarely seen in cdv's with somebody with a sense of Humor.  (10/13)
Autographed cdv of Brevet Brigadier General Richard Batchelder of Meade's
Staff on the Army of the Potomac.  Backmark by Furnald NH  Scarce.
CDV of Assistant Surgeon D Carlton Spencer of the 44th NYVI Peoples Ellsworth
Regiment of Gettysburg Fame.  Served 10/62-12/64.  Shown standing with a
Medical Sword at his side.  Backmark of Abbot Albany NY 7/15
Fascinating CDV of a Union Sergent with a pipe in his mouth and sticking out of
the pipe is a Cigar.  Very unusual content.  Backmark by Giers Nashville Tn with
a revenue stamp.  A Shame the story of the pose is lost to history.
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