Scarce Staff view of the 24th Massachusetts Vols and Colonel Thomas Stevenson
who commanded, later as a Major General he would be killed at Spottsylvania
Court House leading his Division of the IX Corps into battle.  The 24th was
involved in fighting in the Carolina's with the Burnside expedition to the Coast and
other actions.  Tilton Boston bm.
Scarce CDV of Colonel and later Bvt Brigadier General John K Mizner of
Michigan.  West Point class of 1856, Lt 2nd Dragoons.  Colonel 3rd Michigan
Cavalry Brigadier General by brvt 3/65.  Regiment fought in Tn, Ms and the South
on various campaigns.  Mizner stayed in the Cavalry and commanded the 8th
Cavalry and the 10th Cavalry of the Famous Buffalo Soldiers during the Indian
Wars.  Chief Cavalry officer on the Army staff in 1897 also.  Backmark by Grelling
CDV of Colonel and BBG Turner G Morehead of the 22nd & 106th Pa Infantry's.  
With the 22nd Pa, he was in command of the City of Baltimore as Provost
Marshal's when General Banks arrested the Pro South leaders of the City in
1861.  Later as Colonel of the 106th Pa, he fought at the " Battle of Ball's Bluff,
then in the Peninsula Campaign fought at Fair Oaks, Savage Station, Battle of
Glendale or Charles City Cross Roads, Malvern Hill and at Antietam and
Fredericksburg. Although never wounded, Morehead was injured when his horse
was shot from under him at Antietam"  a photo of his dead horse is one of the
most famous images of the carnage of the battle of Antietam taken by Alexander
Gardner.  Discharged in April of 1864.  Backmark of Gutenkunst.
Autographed CDV of Brevet Brigadier General William Henry Lawrence of Mass.  
Served in the 1st Mass from 5/61-11/62 as Adjutant then was made an ADC
serving on the staffs of many Generals including Hooker at Lookout Mtn (in the
famous of Photo of Hooker and staff on Lookout Mtn.) Signed on the front with a
backmark of Winder Cinncinnatti Oh.  Sharp view.
Nice signed CDV of Medal of Honor Winner for Cold Harbor Capt Edward Hill of the
16th Michigan vols.  Backmark by Holyland Washington DC.  Signed on front.  
Wounded at both 2nd Bull Run and Cold Harbor.  Rose to Bvt Lt Colonel and
Inspector General of the V Corps during the War.  Rare. (10/13)
CDV of Colonel and BBG Charles McClure of the Army of the Potomac who was
one of the Chief Commisary's of the AOP.  From Kimball's personal collection.  
One of the Chief Staff officers of the AOP. (10/13)
Scarce Autographed CDV of Colonel and later BBG, George Sharpe commander
of the Army of the Potomac's scouts and spy's.  From Kimball's personal collection
and scrapbook. (10/13)
Autographed view of Major Edward Tilly Raymond of Worcester who served with
the 25th & 36th Mass Volunteer Infantry regiments from 9/61-6/65.  Claflin
Worcester bm.  Nicely signed.
Group shot of officers taken in the street.  Solders and a Black Mammy stand on
the porch to their left.  No id, but fascinating image.
Sharp CDV of Ulric Dahgren presented by his father to the Collector who's album
page accompany's the image.  Wounded in the Gettysburg campaign where he
lost a leg as a staff officer to Meade.  He was killed as a Colonel commanding a
brigade under Kilpatrick in the ill fated Raid on Richmond in 1864.  Papers found
on his body purported to demand the assasinations of the Confederate leadership
in the raid.  Ulke bm.
Extremely Rare CDV of a Union Amputee, this is Pvt Victor Gruman of the 147th
NY Vols, wounded at Petersburg on June 18, 1864 which caused his lower left leg
to be amputated on June 22, 1864 most likely due to gangrene.  Period ink id on
verso with a backmark of Wood Albany NY.  Rarely ever do you see Medical shots
like these with the soldiers in uniform.
CDV of Colonel Thomas J Thorp, 1st New York Dragoons and wife.  Wearing a
Lincoln Mourning ribbon on arm.  Backmark by Sutton & Newman.  Served as a
Captain in the 84 NYVI till promoted into the Dragoons in 1862.  They served in
Gibbs Brigade of the Army of the Shenadoah and saw action in most of Sheridan's
battles against Early and the Confederates till War's end.  Rare.  Bvt Brigadier
General at War's end.
CDV of Colonel and Bvt Brigadier General Henry K McConnell of Troy Ohio who
served with the 71st Ohio Vols.  Enlisted as a Lt on 10/4/61 and was eventually
promoted to Colonel on 5/30/63.  MO in Nov of 1865.  Commanded the Regiment
at Atlanta, Lovejoy Station, Jonesboro, Franklin and Nashville.  Backmark by Tullis
& Miller Troy Oh, revenue stamp.  Scarce.
CDV of Private William Unverzahart (Unversagt) of the 4th Pa Cavalry.  Fought at
Antietam, Kellys Ford, Stonemans Raid, Aldie, Middleburg, Upperville, Brandy
Station and Gettysburg. Taken prisoner with many in his regiment at Sulphur
Springs Va on 10/12/63.  Private Unverzahart had the dubious distinction of being
killed by one of the Guards at the infamous Andersonville Prison on July 27,
1864.  Some new prisoners had entered the prison that morning where
Unverzahart was standing in the group when an overzealous guard fired into the
group as they were near the Dead Line and water.  Shot in the head he died
instantly.  He is buried in Andersonville national Cemetary in Grave #4184.  Image
has been published in Military images.  Scarce content.
CDV of Bvt Brigadier General James Stewart Jr of New Jersey.  Rose from Captain
to Colonel of the 9th NJ Vols during the War and was Breveted BG in 1865.  The
regiment saw service in North Carolina and Virginia fighting at Roanoke Island,
New Bern, Fredericksburg, Kinston, Drewry's Bluff, Cold Harbor and Petersburg
finishing the War up in North Carolina.  Backmark by Jordan NY.
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