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Sergeant Thomas H. "Boston" Corbett (January 29, 1832 – presumed dead c. September 1, 1894) was an English-born American soldier and milliner who shot and killed John Wilkes Booth, the man who committed the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Corbett was initially arrested for disobeying orders, but was later released on the orders of Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, who referred to Corbett as "the patriot" upon dismissing him. He was largely considered a hero by the American media and public.

Known for his devout religious beliefs and eccentric behavior, Corbett drifted around the United States before disappearing circa 1888. Circumstantial evidence suggests that he died in the Great Hinckley Fire in Minnesota in September 1894, although no period documentation has yet been found that undoubtedly identifies him as a victim of the fire.

Brady CDV Boston Corbett Killer of Booth

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