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Addis bm.  Very Rare image.  "ColonelHugh Watson McNeil(1830 - 1862)Home State: PennsylvaniaEducation: Yale College, Auburn (Law)Command Billet: Commanding RegimentBranch of Service: InfantryUnit: 13th Pennsylvania Reserves (1st Rifles)Before AntietamHe had been a lawyer in New York in 1857, but due to ill health returned to his native state and was a banker.At outbreak of War, he joined the Regiment as Private, was elected 1st Lieutenant, and soon after promoted Captain of the company called "The Raftsman's Guards" of Warren County, PA, later known as Company D. After Colonel Biddle's resignation, McNeil won the election for Colonel (January 22, 1862). On the CampaignHe was mortally wounded late on September 16th leading his "Bucktails" in a furious skirmish at the edge of the East Woods."

CDV Colonel Hugh McNeal KIA Antietam Bucktails 42nd Pa.

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