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Looks to have been autographed before someone trimmed the bottom.  Rare.  The 38th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment was formed in 1861 in response to President Lincoln's call for 75,000 volunteers. As an attorney, Phelps held a position of leadership in his hometown, which extended into his military service. Subsequently, on June 10, 1861, he was commissioned Lieutenant Colonel of the 38th Ohio Infantry.Phelps' regiment was first assigned to Fort Dennison in Cincinnati, where they were trained, armed and equipped. Thereafter Phelps and his regiment was sent to Kentucky where they received further training at Camp Dick Robinson near Louisville. During the next few months, the 38th Ohio took part in relieving the garrison at Camp Wild Cat, in south-central Kentucky, and encamped at nearby Somerset, where they remained through January 1862.After the Union defeat at the Battle of Chickamauga, General Grant arrived there and assumed overall command. When Colonel John Croxton was wounded during the battle he was unable to maintain command over the 3rd Brigade and command was subsequently given to Colonel Phelps who was the regimental commander over the 38th Ohio Infantry, which was assigned to the 1st Division after Chickamauga. The Army of the Cumberland was re-organized and the regiments were assigned to various positions. Because of Phelps’ good service he was assigned command over the 3d Brigade, 3d Division of the 14th Army Corps, which included Phelps’ own 38th and the 14th Ohio Infantry. This promotion to brigade command did not, however, include a promotion in rank, and Phelps remained a colonel. On November 25, 1863, during the taking of Missionary Ridge at Chattanooga, Tennessee, while Phelps and his men were ascending the slope, he was shot and wounded but continued on leading his men. Phelps was then shot a second time and killed as he neared the summit; he was the only Union officer of brigade-command or higher to lose his life during the battle.

CDV of Colonel Edward L Phelps 38th Ohio KIA

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