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Lazier Syracuse bm.  The first, and only, full Colonel that the 20th Connecticut ever had was originally a captain from the 14th US Infantry and had served in the Mexican war. As a “regular”, Ross was very knowledgeable in military tactics, and was a relatively strict disciplinarian, being quite accustomed to the tricks of the soldiers.It was this trait that made him quite unpopular with most of the soldiers in the 20th (including Cecil). They were volunteers, fresh from the ranks of civilian life, and the military bearing that Colonel Ross required rubbed them the wrong way. However, it was also this characteristic that formed the 20th Connecticut into an effective military force.Ross commanded the 20th Connecticut until he was promoted to command of the brigade, and the regiment was placed under the change of Lieut. Col. William Wooster. He retired from the regular army in 1875 and died of drowning 5 years later.

Civil War CDV Union Colonel Samuel Ross 20th Connecticut

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