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Albumen photograph of Robert E. Lee with other Civil War Confederate generals, showing Lee seated outdoors in an armchair with his hat held down to his side. This photo is one of three known versions that were taken by D.A. Anderson & G.G. Johnson in August 1869 during Lee's visit to West Virginia's White Sulphur Springs, as Lee sought out the healing waters to alleviate the pains of his ailing body. The 3 versions of the photo differ with slight movement of the subjects between photos, but author Roy Meredith in his book The Face of Robert E. Lee notes that Lee "dropped his hat; he shifted in his chair in a way that suggests discomfort, even pain... A new impression of bodily frailty here reaches the camera; there is no longer an effect of physical composure that cannot be shaken." (Meredith, 1947: 84-85). The image features Lee (seated, 2nd from left) alongside Blacque Bey (on the end to his right), Turkish Minister to the United States; Philanthropists George Peabody and W. W. Corcoran; and lawyer James Lyons (seated, right). Standing, from left to right, are Confederate Generals James Connor, Martin W. Gary, John Bankhead Magruder, Robert D. Lilley, P.G.T. Beauregard, A.R. Lawton, Henry A. Wise, and Joseph L. Brent. Penciled names above and below the image identify most of the subjects. Photo 8 5/8" x 6 3/4", mounted on card 12" 9 1/8".

PROVENANCE: By descent from the estate of Stanley Horn, Nashville, Tennessee.

Famous White Springs Photograph General Lee and Others

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