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Perkins Augusta Ga. Imprint.   John Brown Gordon (February 6, 1832 – January 9, 1904) was an attorney, a slaveholding planter, general in the Confederate States Army, and a politician in the postwar years. By the end of the Civil War, he had become "one of Robert E. Lee's most trusted generals."[1]: 241 After the war, Gordon strongly opposed Reconstruction during the late 1860s and into the 1870s. A member of the Democratic Party, he was twice elected by the Georgia state legislature as a US Senator (as was the practice at the time), serving from 1873 to 1880, and again from 1891 to 1897. He also was elected as the 53rd Governor of Georgia, serving two terms, from 1886 to 1890.

Rare Augusta Ga. Photographer Lt General Gordon

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