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3rd Rhode Island Infantry/Artillery 10th Corps Gold Badge.  "The 3rd Rhode Island Heavy Artillery Regiment was initially organized in Providence, Rhode Island as the 3rd Rhode Island Infantry Regiment in August 1861. It was officially changed to heavy artillery on December 19, 1861 at Hilton Head, South Carolina.[1] It consisted of 12 batteries designated 'A' through to 'M'.[2] The regiment was the largest unit fielded by Rhode Island during the war, with more than 2,000 men serving in it during the period of its existence, drawing its recruits from the settlements of Providence, Warwick and Pawtucket. It served in a variety of roles, including as both light and heavy artillery, engineers, infantry and cavalry, as well as manning US Navy gunboats. The regiment fought in battles in Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.[3] The 3rd Rhode Island Heavy Artillery's term of service ended on August 27, 1865. The 3rd Rhode Island Heavy Artillery received the following battle honors for its service during the war:[4]Fort Pulaski, Secessionville, Pocotoligo, Laurel Hill, Fort Sumter, Fort Wagner, Fort Burham, Deveaux Neck, Honey Hill, Olustee, Drury's Bluff, and Petersburg.

3rd Rhode Island Vols Gold 10th Corps Badge

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