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8 Page letter in ink from William McCutcheon 49th Ohio Vols, dated 4/19/62 on the battlefield of Shiloh with good commentary and a Patriotic Cover.  Some content;  "place we reached on the 6th of the this moth a tired and almost worn out as we had the worst road to travel over that we have ever had in all our marching but on Sunday we marched easy and willing as we where within hearing of the Canon's deep roar and knew that we had a site for a fight and on Sunda evening we reached Savana and then we had to lay there till the next morning to get a chance to on the boat up to Pittsburg Landing a distance of 8 miles to where the battle raged all day on Sunday and making up our minds that we would have to fight or else lose one of the greatest victories that has been won in this rebellion as Grant lost ground all day on Sunday till late in the evening when he got close to the river.  The Gunboats assisted him till night came on and then the 2 armies rested on their guns till morning when they went at it again in the good earnest.  The Rebels being sure they was agoing to win the day in a short time but in the night Nelson, Crittenden, McCook, Wood and Thomas got their forces n reach and about noon on Monday the tide turned and with the fortune of good luck about 4 o'Clock the Rebels retreated in utter confusion when General ___ with some flying artillery and cavalry followed up the retreating army a cutting their rear guard to pieces and turning them in to a general full run.  Jamie the 49th got on the field as a reserve about noon on Monday and about half past five in about 1 hour and 15 minutes and the Rebels broke and run there was some of the 49th fell amongst the dead and wounded.  But that is the fate of soldiers when they stand  and defend their glorious old flag but they fell like men and not a man panicked in the 49th..."  with lots more on the conditon of the 49th and casualties.  

49th Ohio Letter Battle of Shiloh, Patriotic Cover

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