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Interesting letter from Daniel Croshaw of the 117th NYVI while in Va late 1863.  "Camp Morris?Nov 21, 1863Dear Cousin,I have a few moments, leisure moments, and I will spend them in writing to you. I am well and these few lines will find you the same. You must excuse me for my negligence in regard to writing for I have been very busy. Sammy is well and enjoys himself period. The report is that general Jackson has driven our army and he is fast retreating to Washington. If that is the case, we must expect to fight some. There is also another report that is that our company is detailed to go within 60 miles of Richmond and guard a wagon train. If that is so we shall period. Some of our company lose our lives for it is a very dangerous place. It is a very rainy wet time here now. The mud is awful deep here. Our Regt has been digging rifle pits and making roads all the fall. The soldiers are not very healthy now. That have to sleep on the ground and they take cold and are sick with colds, fevers, Rheumatism and all kinds of diseases. You must tell your people that I want to hear from them and if I ever get home I will come and see you. Oh if I could only go to your house and have as good a visit as I had when I as there’s I should like it. You wrote what your folks sold their cheese for. Well I will tell you what you have got for it here. Well for your butter you would have got 75 cts for and your cheese you would have got 30 cents for and every thing else is the same in proportion. I must close my letter now for I have duty to do. Please write soon.From your friend,Daniel B. CroshawTo Cousin Corey Emree"

4Pg Letter Daniel Croshaw 117th NYVI Suffolk Va. "Jackson"

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