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Henry Hopkins Sibley (May 25, 1816 – August 23, 1886) was a career officer in the United States Army, who commanded a Confederate cavalry brigade in the Civil War.

In 1862, he attempted to forge a supply route from California, in defiance of the Union blockade of the Atlantic and Gulf ports, while also aiming to appropriate the Colorado gold mines to replenish the Confederate treasury. After capturing Albuquerque and Santa Fe, he was forced to retreat after losing the Battle of Glorieta Pass (in today's New Mexico). He was then given minor commands in the southern Louisiana operations, but was accused of serious blunders, apparently caused by drunkenness.

Sibley designed a new easy-to-pack 12-man bell tent and stove that were used for many years by the American and British armies.

Anthony CDV Henry Sibley

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