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Ulra Rare photo of the 7th Cavalry before the Battle of the Little Big Horn at Fort Abraham Lincoln DT.  Includes Calhoun, 7th Cavalry; 21) Mrs. Donald McIntosh, 7th Cavalry; 22) Capt. Myles A. Moylan, 7th Cavalry; and 23) Lt. Donald McIntosh, 7th Cavalry; military uniforms, hats, sabers.; Group portrait of officers in uniform, from the 7th Cavalry and 6th Infantry, and ladies, standing and seated in front of building at Fort Abraham Lincoln, North Dakota. Identified persons by number are: 1) Lt. Bronson, 6th Infantry; 2) Lt. George D. Wallace, 7th Cavalry; 3) General George Armstrong Custer, 7th Cavalry; 4) Lt. Benjamin H. Hodgson, 7th Cavalry; 5) Mrs. Elizabeth B. Custer (wife of General Custer); 6) Mrs. Thomas McDougall, 7th Cavalry; 7) Capt. Thomas ; McDougall, 7th Cavalry; 8) Capt. Badger, 6th Infantry; 9) Mrs. George W. Yates; 10) Capt. George W. Yates, 7th Cavalry; 11) Charles Thompson (civilian clothing); 12) Mrs. James Calhoun, wife of Lt. Calhoun (and sister of General Custer); 13) Miss Annie Bates; 14) Col. Poland, 6th Infantry; 15) Lt. Charles A. Varnum, 7th Cavalry; 16) General Carlin, 6th Infantry; 17) Mrs. Myles Moylan; 18) Capt. Thomas W. Custer, 7th Cavalry; 19) Col. William Thompson; 20) Lt. James

CC Custer & 7th US Cav Officers Fort Abraham Lincoln

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