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Scarce Brady CDV of General Alfred Torbert and friends Captain Craig Wadsworth and Harry Winsor. 


Wharton Wadsworth

Residence was not listed; 
Enlisted on 5/23/1862 as a Captain.

On 5/23/1862 he was commissioned into 
US Volunteers Adie-De-Camp 
He Resigned on 7/16/1864

* Capt 5/23/1862 (Captain & Additional Aide-de-Camp)
* Major 3/13/1865 by Brevet (Cold Harbor, VA)
* Lt Colonel 3/13/1865 by Brevet (Trevillian Station, VA)
Other Information:
born in New York


Enlisted on 10/14/1861 as a Sergeant.

On 10/14/1861 he mustered into "I" Co. PA 6th Cavalry 
He was discharged on 7/28/1863

* 2nd Lieut 11/29/1861 
* 1st Lieut 6/10/1862 
* Capt 4/4/1863 

Intra Regimental Company Transfers:
* 3/1/1863 from company I to Field & Staff 
* 8/10/1863 from Field & Staff to company G 


CDV General Alfred Torbert, Capt Craig Wadsworth, Lt Harry Winser

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