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Schleier Nashville bm.  Civil War Union Brigadier General. Attended but did not graduate from the USMA, due to an injury. Entered Civil War in November 1861 as captain of the 2nd Battery, 1st Maine Mounted Artillery. Fought with distinction at the Battles of Cedar Mountain and Second Bull Run. Promoted up to Lieutenant Colonel, then Brigadier General, US Volunteers on March 21, 1863. Served as Chief of Artillery for the Department of the Ohio, and commanded defensive fortifications in the siege of Knoxville. Commanded a brigade of infantry in the Army of the Ohio's XXIII Corps. Appointed to command the Department of East Tennessee in January 1865, and eventually ended to war as commander of the 4th Division of the XXIII Corps. Remained in the Union army until December 1866 directing the Freedman's Bureau of Tennessee and Georgia.

CDV General Davis Tillson Artillery

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