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Civil War Union Army Officer. He was commissioned as Lieutenant Colonel of the 25th New York Volunteer Infantry on May 21, 1861, and served until he resigned on October 4, 1861. He was then commissioned Colonel and commander of the 42nd New York Volunteer Infantry in December 18, 1861. In the June 30, 1862 Battle of White Oak Swamp during the 7 Days Battles, he was shot in the groin and captured by the Confederates. Held for a month in Richmond's Libby Prison before being paroled, the wound and the confinement wrecked his health, and he was discharged due to disability on March 17, 1863. A month later he died in New York City, New York from the effects of his field service.

CDV Lt Col. Edmund Cobb Charles 42nd NYVI KIA

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