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Backmark Bruinings Indianapolis.  Regiment commanded by the famous Colonel John T Wilder.  "The mound on the hilltop before you is Fort Craig, a five-pointed earthen “star fort” that saw the fiercest fighting of the Civil War Battle and Siege of Munfordville, September 14-17, 1862. Forces of the 7th, 9th, and 29th Mississippi Infantry, Richards’ Battalion of Sharpshooters, and Garrity’s Section of Ketchum’s Battery assaulted the works from three sides, only to withdraw in confusion. The Union defenders—the 67th Indiana Infantry under command of Col. John T. Wilder—defended their position with two cannons. Their regimental leader, Major Augustus H. Abbett, was shot dead from the ramparts as he rallied his men. The 34-star Union flag that flew here was perforated 146 times by rebel bullets. In spite of their efforts, within two days, they surrendered their fortifications to Confederate General Braxton Bragg’s overwhelming army.

CDV Major Augustus H Abbett 67th Indiana KIA Munfordville Ky

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