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Charles Varnum as a Lt in the 7th Cavalry writes to his Florida Senator asking for a promotion in 1880.  Survivor of the Battle of the Little  Bighorn.  

"Fort A. Lincoln, D.T.March 12 1880Hon. C.W. JonesU.S. SenateWashington, D.C.Sir:Enclosed herewith copies of papers forwarded this day to the Secretary of War for an appointment as a Captain in the Quartermasters Department U.S. Army. I am a son of John Varnum of Florida and you possibly remember me though I have been absent in the army for many years. You will see by my record that I have done a very good share of hard work on the frontier for the past seven years and as I expect to spend my life in the army am anxious for any promotion I can obtain. In the army I am one of Florida’s very few representatives. I was appointed a Cadet from Florida to the U.S. Military academy in 1868, and graduated in 1872. As none of my successors at the military academy have succeeded in graduating in since, I am, I believe, with the exception of Genl. Renet of the Ordinance, the only officer from my state.The advancement I seek is one particularly suited to my tastes, and among the many applicants for these positions I believe that I am certainly not the least deserving.Believing as I do, that only political influence can secure my advancement, I place my papers in your hands, as the head of the Florida Delegation in congress, and only seek such assistance as you on examination may think I deserve; & should I obtain the promotion, it will only be through your exertions in my behalf.Hoping you will pardon my annoying you with my little wants.I remainVery respectfullyYour obedient servant(____) Chas. W. Varnum1st Lieut. 7th U.S. Cavalry

Charles Varnum Doc Fort Abraham Lincoln 1880

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