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Interesting letter from George W Wallace of the 111th NYVI while camped on the field of 2nd Bull Run talking about the bodies and equipment lying around.  Wallace would be killed at Gettysburg in July of 1863.  


February 2, 1863
Camp Jim Walker

Dear Brother Harry,
I received your letter tonight.  I was glad to hear from you.  It has been two weeks since I heard from home.  I began to feel rather uneasy about it but John wrote a few lines in one of Fred’s letters saying that he heard that I was sick but is is not so.  I am as well as could be expected with all of the work that we have to do.  We are on the advance lines.  We have a great deal of picket duty which added to drill and camp duty keeps on the go all about all of the time.  The Col. Gives us a Battalion drill every afternoon but he has gone to Albany now on business and the Major is sick so it gives us a little time to write.  We have some great sights here.  Some would make you shudder, others would make you ashamed of your country but it is _____ or roll call.  We go out on the ground of the first bull run fight to stand picket.  We can look over the field last  fight about three miles apart.  We can find where guns, clothing of every kind has been burned and body’s covered up not buried.  Just laid on top the covered up.  One day later, we are on guard.  Today again it is pretty cold but fair.  Fred is on duty today.  He has been playing off for awhile.  He is like other soldiers, inclined to be lazy guys.  We shall have left picket duty now.  The 125th has just arrived to help as well.  Harry, what do you study this term.  You must learn your lessons for you are getting a great privilege so do the best you can.  We have some good times here for all the hardships we endure.  Mr. Eldridge has just left here.  He came here a few days ago but I guess he didn’t like it very well but it is all in a lifetime.  I am glad you did not enlist for all we do here is to service a pair of shoulder straps.  It is all a shame game.  The mighty dollar is the greatest Officer in command.  Pride stands next in rank but we can not say a word.  If we do, the guard house is the place for us but there will be an end to this sometime.  I wish that I was at home many a time, eating apples.  It has been six months since I left home.  We have not had any pay but we have the promise to get it on the 10th but I guess it will be an army promise.  You must take good care of our folks as they are getting old.  You must tell Amos, Geo and Bill that they must write.  They have my best wishes.  I will have to close. Good bye for the present.  Let our folks see this as soon as you can.  You must write soon.  I shall write to our folk Sunday next.  My love to you.  I still remain your brother in truth.

Geo. W. Wallace

Civil War Letter George W Wallace 111th NY KIA Gettysburg

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