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Confederate produced salt print cdv of General Dorsey Pender.  Heavily toned and period retouched with pencil.  From the Bill Turner  Collection.  On July 1, 1863, Pender fatefully led his division into the Battle of Gettysburg. After the repulse of Maj. Gen. Henry Heth’s division, Hill requested support from Pender. He led his division forward and hurled back the Union I Corps from Seminary Ridge through the town of Gettysburg, but not after a bloody and costly fight. The following day, Lee ordered Pender’s division to participate in the en echelon attack along the Union line, targeting Cemetery Hill. However, before the assault, Pender was wounded in the thigh by a shell fragment and carried from the field. After his wounding, the division’s attack stalled, and no effective assault was made on Cemetery Hill.Following the battle, Pender was taken to Staunton, Virginia, where an artery in his leg ruptured on July 18. Surgeons quickly amputated his leg, but he survived the operation for only a few hours. The promising Pender’s untimely death struck a blow to the Confederacy. Lee said upon his death, “The loss of Major-General Pender is severely felt by the army and the country.” He was buried in Tarboro, North Carolina, leaving behind his wife and three children.

Confederate Salt Print CDV William Dorsey Pender KIA Gettysburg

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