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Excellent 4 pg Battle letter on the Battle of Farmington Ms at Corinth with great details. Unfortunately the soldier only signs his name as Josh and does not mention a unit.  Does talk about the LTC being killed and the Colonel wounded.  Possible to pin down the regiment..


May 27th, 1962
Hamburg, Farmington, Miss.

Friend Emry?,

I received your letter yesterday morning and was glad to hear that you were all well.  We are well at present and hope you are the same.  Since I last wrote you we have had an extra kind of drill and I guess that I will have to tell you something about that as it is an extra and we don’t have it everyday.  Well on the 8th of this month one division of Gen. Pope’s division commanded by General Palmer started out on a kind of a reconnoitering expedition and went out as far as Farmington and there we stopped and sent out some cavalry scouts.  That had a little skirmish with the enemy and some few got killed and wounded.  We stayed there till dark and then fell back one mile and there stayed all night.  We laid there the next day til noon when our pickets were drove in and at about 2 o’clock the Ball opened and I got a ticket for the first set and if you had of been here, you would of laughed to see me fly around like a chicken with its head off.  The boys all got tickets in short notice and pitched in.  They did not have to wait long for the shell and grape came at us in good order and on the double quick.  They did not fire but a few shots til our Lieut. Colonel fell with his left leg shot off below the knee.  I was looking at him when he was shot and it strike him.  He was carried off the field and died that night about 8 o’clock.  Shortly after the Colonel was shot, we had order to advance up the hill as we were laying on a side hill and we got sight of the rebels and then the order came to fire.  Well fire we did and loaded and fired at will.  There was some 30,000 of the enemy came against us.  We had but about 6,000 out in the field that time. The enemy came on us in solid mass but they was somewhat surprised when we raised up from behind the hill, fired into them and you had better believe they got up and dusted and dusted right nicely too.  When they were shelling us, the boys would drop on the ground in a hurry.  You cannot imagine the feeling of a person when the shells are coming at them.  We did not care for the bullets in the least.  When we got the order to fall back, the boys were for going a head and make a charge on the enemy.  We had to fall back to the swamps.  We came nigh being surrounded.  We were on 3 sides.  We just had room to get out alive.  We had none to play on.  We lost a few men in our regiment.  There was 20 killed, wounded and missing.l. Well those that think it is fun to fight thinks wrong for it is hard work I tell you.  Well I myst come to a close for the present.  Give my respects to all inquiring friends.  Write soon as you get this.

Yours truly,


Direct your letter as you did the other.


Excellent Battle of Farmington MS (Corinth) Battle letter

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