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John Prescott Varnum, brother of Charles Varnum survivor of the Little Big Horn writes a letter from Fort Meade DT about his brother's conflict with General Sturgis 7th cavalry and how he is looking to get away from his command.  Very interesting.   "Quartermaster’s officeFort Meade, DakotaMy dear Wife:I have not time now to write you as fully as I could wish.I did not stop in Bismarck an hour. I left by stage at once. The distance is 265 miles. Six passengers on two seats – no stopping except once in 15 miles or so to change horses – sleeping done sitting up. 56 hours riding in this horrible manner. Fort Meade is 20 miles from Deadwood. It is a beautiful place – but I can’t say I like it. Charlies has had some words with Gen. Sturgis and has resigned as Q.M. The Gen. did not want to accept, but Charlie wants to go back to Bismarck and talked rather shabbily to him. Charlie is very much liked in the regiment and there is very general regret at his resignation. The General has assigned him to Co. “I” at Fort Lincoln, showing a very kind feeling for Charlie’s preferences. I shall go with him. I receive pay for Sept. & Oct. I shall leave for Bismarck in about 2 weeks. I like the change heaps. I don’t want any more Army clerking – I don’t like it. I think my prospects are good elsewhere. It is easier going from Boston to Bismarck than from Boston to Savannah.I sleep with Lieut. Wallace. Charlie and he have been room mates since ’63. Charlie cried like a girl last night when talking with Wallace about leaving him. Imagine me weeping!Well, ta, ta.J.P.V.

John Prescott Varnum 7th Cav Letter DT

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