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The Third Regiment of New Jersey Volunteer Infantry was raised in May of 1861, when the tocsin of war rang clearly through the nation. Men from nearly every county in the state enlisted, and on June 28, with a compliment of 1,051 men, the regiment left Camp Olden, Trenton for the seat of war.

It was one of the regiments which comprised what was known as the “First New Jersey Brigade” and participated in every major action with the Army of the Potomac until June of 1864 when it was mustered out of service.

Men who reenlisted were transferred to the 15th Regiment and saw service until the end of the war.  The 3rd New Jersey Infantry Regiment was recruited and mustered into Federal service in May 1861, and was brigaded with the 1st New Jersey Volunteer Infantry, the 2nd New Jersey Volunteer Infantry, and the 4th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry to make up what became famed as the "First New Jersey Brigade". Early on, the regiment participated in small actions such as the Bog Wallow Ambush in Northern Virginia. The regiment and brigade served as the 1st Brigade of the 1st Division of the VI Corps, and participated in numerous battles from the June 27, 1862, Battle of Gaines Mill, Virginia, to the final Union assaults on Confederate positions at Petersburg, Virginia, in April 1865.[1]The remnants of the 3rd New Jersey Volunteer Infantry were mustered out at Hall's Hill, Virginia, on June 29, 1865.[1]Notable personnel

Rare CDV 3rd New Jersey Infantry Flag

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